Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. The current Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Service User Agreement.

2. The current Privacy Policy sets out the procedures for obtaining, storing, processing, using, disclosing and protecting the User's personal information.

3. The personal database of users is located at the address of the Executor.

4. The Administrator of the Personal Database is the Executor.

5. When registering the User in the Service, or when subscribing to the service, as well as in other cases of using the Service. Data collection can also be done through surveys of Service Users. Participation in user surveys is carried out with the permission of the users.

6. The User freely and voluntarily decides to provide the Service with personal data and any other information, as well as the processing of personal data and information by the Executor, their transfer to other Users and / or third parties acting on behalf of the Executor. expresses its consent.

7. Processing of personal data is a set of any actions or movements such as collection, registration, collection, storage, adaptation, change, update, use and dissemination (dissemination, realization, transmission, as well as abroad) and use of personal data, as well as formation (automated) systems is destroyed by.

8. The purposes of personal data processing, including the following:

1. Obtaining statistical and analytical information to improve the performance of the service, its services and services;

2. Expanding the range of services provided;

3. Receipt of information or advertising news of the Service or third parties (warning about new opportunities, promotions and other news);

4. Warning and prevention of illegal or unauthorized actions of users or third parties;

5. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

9. The service collects the following information about users:

1. When using the Service, the Executor displays or otherwise discloses the personal information entered by the User. Such information may, in special cases (but not limited to), be the User's name and surname, e-mail address and password, telephone number, User's location, as well as address. If the User logs in through a social network profile, the Service may also collect information posted on the profile of such a social network. The User is responsible for the information provided to him, while the Service provides a channel for the dissemination and publication of User information on the Internet.

2. Technical information automatically collected by the software at the time of access to the service.

10. The Service also does not collect information on the Executor, race or ethnic origin, political, religious and ideological affiliations, membership in political parties and trade unions, criminal convictions, as well as health, sexual life, biometric or genetic information and does not work.

11. The Service and the Executor shall not provide any personal or other information provided by the Users to third parties not related to the Service, except in cases when the User gives such permission, as well as in cases stipulated by the User Agreement or legislation.

12. In some cases, the Service and the Executor may provide some information to persons cooperating with the Service or related to the Executor.

13. The Executor does not sell or lease the information and personal data provided by the Users in the process of using the Service.

14. To facilitate interaction between users, the services provide limited access to contact information of other Users. The right to use information provided by other Users is limited by the User Agreement.

15. The User of the Service undertakes not to use the information provided by another User without the written permission of such User or without confirmation of the right to use such information in any other way. All information received by the User about other Users in connection with the use of the Service may be used only in the implementation of agreements on the * *. Thus, it is not allowed to use the e-mail address for the purpose of sending direct advertisements to the User or sending other unwanted e-mails, as well as other User's phone number, as well as illegal actions without the knowledge and consent of another User.

16. Personal and other information provided by the Service User in the process of using the Service